Diagnostic Interview

At Hounslow Legal Services Ltd, we offer an initial diagnostic interview for a fixed fee, and the costs of an interpreter (if required). At this meeting we will:


  • Identify and understand your legal problem
  • Identify possible solutions and options
  • Give you an estimate of cost and timescale to carry out the work


In some cases, people proceed to make the immigration application themselves on the basis of advice in the diagnostic interview and incur no further legal costs. Others instruct us to do further work. In that case, we will agree fixed fees with them from the outset.


Our Fixed Fees Schedule


Our fixed fees are for the following types of applications:

  • English Language test
  • ILR in the UK following 2 year probationary period
  • Citizenship
  • Student applications
  • Marriage, Civil Partnership or unmarried relationship
  • Long Residence applications
  • Settlement for dependent family members
  • EU applications
  • Business applications
  • Highly Skilled Migrant Programme
  • Work Permit
  • Asylum application
  • Asylum appeals
  • Fresh Asylum application
  • Immigration appeals
  • Bail Application
  • Reconsideration appeals
  • Reconsideration (drafting grounds only)

HLS will agree fees with clients at the onset and these will be fixed

Our fixed fees include VAT, and fees to third parties, such as Home Office application fees and disbursements which are payable directly to the third party and do not form part of the above quoted fees.